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The Nyamataro Praise Center, where Peter Mirera serves as pastor.
Previously the church met outside on the front porch, but since they have grown, they have begun renting the righthand room of this warehouse.

I was blessed to meet three ministers of the Gospel from Holy Faith Ministries in Sare, Kenya, who had "just happened" to be staying in my hotel.

Pastor Festus Gitonga of Daraja Praise Centre, Pastor Peter Mirera of Nyamataro Praise Centre, and Pastor Geoffrey's father, Mr. Onsombi, outside my hotel.

A pastor poses with me inside Pastor Geoffrey's home.

Climbing the hill from the road to the Nyabieyo Praise Centre.

Still climbing to Nyabieyo Praise Centre. The roof is barely visible to the left, but the lovely worship music can be heard all around these hills.

I'm now out of breath from climbing, but Pastor Geoffrey and I are joyfully greeted by Pastor Henry and some of the ladies of this church.

A close-up of the church sign. On the bottom line, "Karibu" is Swahili for "Welcome".

And a loving "Welcome" is what we received. These faithful Christians are ready to make some Praise go forth from their Praise Centre.

The youngest children presented me with flowers...

... the youth gave me pineapple, and the ladies honored me with sugar cane.

In another church, more children prepare to bless me with flowers, as the congregation bows in prayer.

In this church I must speak only briefly and then move on. We had five churches to visit on my first full day in Kisii!

The Praise Centre in Nyachenge meets in a brick schoolhouse.

The battery-powered audio system helps the Praise and the Word carry for miles!

I was asked to present a seminar at Nyachenge for the pastors of all the Praise Centres. Although my sermons and notes were lost with my clothes in "luggage-land", I shared God's Word and a message from my heart about the gifts to the churches found in Romans 12. Pastor Isaac interpreted into Swahili for me.

As I waited in the car outside Nyachenge, children began gathering to see the white man, his car and his digital camera. At one point there may have been nearly fifty children, staring, touching, and finally shaking my hand.

The boy in blue, on the right, approached me, looked directly at me, and asked me something in Swahili. I smiled and replied, "Can you ask me in English, please?" All of the children laughed loud and long. Pastor Geoffrey's father, in the car with me, told me that the boy had said, "Can you understand me?"

The girl on the left, who is looking direcly at the camera, finally asked me, in carefully formed, monotone words, "What is your name?" I replied, "My name is Mike." There was much more of that joyful laughter, and then the children started saying to each other, "My name is Mike - my name is Mike."

Sunday morning before the ordination service, Pastor Geoffrey brought me a package with a gift from his wife Josephine. She is a fine seamstress, and has a shop in Kisii. She had made me this kitenge, which is formal dress for the Gusii people who live in and around Kisii. They said they would be greatly honored if I would wear it as I officiated in the ordination of their pastors.

It was a perfect fit. When I asked how this was possible, Pastor Geoffrey said,"When you were in our home, she measured you with her eyes." And a fine job she did!

The Praise Center in Nyachenge was very full in the schoolhouse on Sunday. There was much excitement about the day of ordination for the pastors.

As I shared a message from Revelation 3, comparing the churches from Philadelphia and Laodicea, Pastor Linet Neema interprets for me.

Fourteen pastors were ordained. After being examined, and responding to vows about being truly saved, called to minister, gifted of God, and living lives that would honor Christ, each pastor in turn knelt and was annointed with oil. Pastor Geoffrey Onsombi is first, in this picture.

Pastor Henry Mireri of Nyabieyo Praise Centre kneels to be anointed.

Pastor Festus Gitonga of Daraja Praise Centre also wore a kitenge for the ordination.

Pastor Charles Maiko Ombati from the Nyansancha Praise Centre, is annointed with oil.

Pastor Charles leads a vibrant worship chorus.

As my last word to the churches of Kisii before my return to America, I share the American worship song, "Breathe".

   This is the air I breathe
   This is the air I breathe
   Your holy presence, living in me

   This is my daily bread
   This is my daily bread
   Your very Word, spoken to me

   And I - I'm desperate for you
   And I - I'm lost without you

A few of the people from the Nyachenge Praise Centre pose with me outside in the school yard.

Pastor Festus and his wife, their two sons (one in my arms!), and others share a few moments with me before I leave Nyachenge.

Pastor Charles Ombati of Nyansancha Praise Center, near Kisii, and Pastor Chrispini Kanuti of Sotki Praise Centre in Tanzania. pose with me under a tree in the schoolyard at Nyachenge.

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