Kenya Mission Safari Pictures Page 1 (Sights of Kenya)

I am with Pastor Geoffrey Onsombi, my host for the trip, and his father Joseph. Behind us is Africa’s well-known landmark, the Great Rift Valley, at a lookout point about 30 minutes west of Nairobi.

Enterprising Kenyans are set up to sell to tourists near the Great Rift Valley.

A typical farming community near the main highway.

Several families of baboons greeted us as we drove through their home.

This baboon seemed as interested in me as I was in him.

This herd of zebras allowed me to approach and shoot a few close-ups.

We stopped at this travelers’ oasis for some lunch – fresh goat, with a relish of tomato and onion, along with ugali and mango soda.

Inside the restaurant at the travelers’ oasis, with the butchery visible in the front.

Behind the restaurant is the Sunshine Hotel. The round building with thatch roof to its left is a beauty salon.

The butchers, and their butchery, in front of the restaurant.

Lake Elementaita, a large salt lake said to contain the world’s largest population (over a million) of pink flamingos, which recently moved here from another nearby lake.

The closest that the flamingos would allow me to approach.

Left to right: a bicycle shop, computer services, and Lanet Highway Medical Centre. In the mirror, you can see some flowers in my pocket that were made from flamingo feathers. They were sold for one shilling each (79 shillings = $1.00 USD)

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