Holy Faith Ministries

    Our Mission Statement

  • The mission of the church is missions! Jesus continues His mission through the church to seek and save that which is lost. The Gospel should be proclaimed to every nation.
  • Holy Faith Praise Centres are family oriented Christian congregations. We are organized to provide individuals the opportunity to grow, to mature, and to express their faith through the fellowship and service for joy, set before us in Christ.
  • We exist to stimulate the unity of doing together that which individual congregations cannot do separately, in an ecumenical spirit.
  • We are committed to Christ to translate our faith into corporate actions, which minister to the spiritual, social, physical, economic, and emotional needs of our neighbours.
  • Through Christ, our pioneer and Perfector, we perserve to restore and to maintain the dignity of every person, to bring reconciliation to hostilities, to bring new skills and strategies to the Church, and to bring hope to the thwarted, disadvantaged lives, sharing our common victory of life.
  • We are also commited in planting churches in the arid and semi-arid areas of East Africa.

Faith School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (PSOVC)

provided by Holy Faith Ministries


Euniter Akinyi
Kenn Otieno
Mercy Achieng
Japheth Ayieko
James Ochieng
Edna Onchari
Lillian Aknda
Beatrice Akinyi
Mary Awino

Pastor Peter Otieno Ogallo and his wife Rose, ministering to a conference for the Church in Kenya

Holy Faith Ministry congregations and pastors

  • Awendo - Pastor Peter Ogallo (founder, overseer) peterogallo@yahoo.com
  • Ayiego - Pastor William Dede
  • Sakwa - Pastor James Otieno
  • Gucha District Kisii - Pastor Patrick Nyabuto
  • Samba - Pastor Onduso
  • Igare - Pastor Benard
  • Siaya District Kisumu Ugenya - Pastor Consolatta Gwayo.
  • Koduogo - Pastor Samuel Owino.
  • Tanzania - Pastor Eliza Okuku.
  • Nairobi - Pastor Dennis Ojowi
  • Nairobi - Pastor George Jona
  • Dandera Nairobi - Pastor Alice Odhiambo and Pastor William Ochieng Amonde
  • Nyaroya - Pastor Jeniffer Otieno.
  • Kujah - Pastor Charles Kisia.
  • Gogo - Pastor Charles Atonga
  • Ondome - Pastor John Otieno.
  • Please pray for these faithful servants!

    Pastors Peter Ogallo, William Dede, and Samuel Owino from Holy Faith Ministries in Sare, Kenya

    A letter of Introduction to well-wishers and donors

    Holy Faith (Praise Centre) is situated in East Sakwa Location, Awendo Division, Migori District within Awendo Town, along Awendo-Rapogi Road.

    1. It is a centre that is focused on Christian evangelism, discipleship training, and community development.
    2. It is a centre that is focused on child rights, orphans and widows, teenage youths, the poor, needy, and disadvantaged.


    We desire to build a viable and sustainable mechanism that can provide survival, protection and development of the vulnerable children and their families among the disadvantaged community living around the Migori Awendo division.


    1. To enhance child and old age survival and development through programs that will ensure security of education, health, food, shelter and clothing
    2. To protect the rights of the children and the poor, and to empower them with the skills and the knowledge for self-reliance
    3. To develop the capability of children and other members of the community to actively participate and be responsible for their own lives, as well as to be able to contribute to the welfare of the community and nation at large.

    Holy Faith (Praise Centre) has taken this burden in partnership with Holy Faith Church to give a full support to enable the following to take place:

    1. To develop the whole man spiritually, mentally, physically and economically
    2. To identify individual talents and develop them
    3. To build a foundation of technological and industrial development
    4. To develop a self-disciplined individual who appreciates work and manages time properly
    5. To develop a responsible and socially well-adjusted person
    6. To promote positive environment and health practices
    7. To enhance understanding and appreciation of interrelation among nations
    8. To promote harmonious coexistence among the people of Kenya
    9. To develop spiritually sound and enlightened Christians with understanding and respect for one another and other people's values and culture, in accordance with the contemporary community

    The centre is currently involved in guidance and counseling of the youth concerning their lives. Our major concern is HIV/AIDS programs. We do have many youths for whom we offer activities. We also offer education to the very youngest through their guardians as we continue planning for the orphange home.

    Due to population increase and high levels of need for assistance in this region of rral Kenya, we cannot afford to help these needy persons due to lack of funds. We therefore appeal to well-wishers, donors and the government to support the centre with the following:

    1. Food for distribution to the orphans and the needy
    2. Uniforms for the groups attending school
    3. Textbooks and exercise books
    4. Clothes and bedding
    5. Computers, stationery, and office supplies
    6. Land or rental expenses
    7. Allowance for voluntary workers

    Any assistance to the centre should be channeled to :
    Holy Faith (Praise Centre)
    P O Box 637
    Sare Awendo, Migori district, Kenya, East Africa

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