Welcome to South Bend Praise Center Women's Ministries.

Come on in and spend some time relaxing. Sip some lemonade, coffee, tea, or chocolate and rock a spell on the front porch with us. Let's chat about whatever you wish. If you have a problem and need to talk, I'm here for you or if you need to just sit and be still for awhile then that's fine too. Time is not a problem so feel free to get to know us and come back often.

In the women's group we are building on friendships right now. Church is not formal and you can be yourself. Dress is casual unless you choose otherwise. If you ask a question you will get an honest answer. If you are seeking a Bible study then feel free to join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30.

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georgia@praisecenter.org Georgia Hinds (Christian Education, Youth Evangelism, Ladies Ministries)
pastormike@praisecenter.org Mike Hinds Pastor