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South Bend, Indiana

From 1999 until 2004, South Bend Praise Center has served the Michiana community as a local house-based fellowship.

Following our exciting and life-changing mission safari to East Africa in December, 2004, our focus has shifted to that of a support and mentoring role for pastors and congregations in rural Kenya and Tanzania. On the trip we traveled to remote congregations to share worship and God's Word. We traveled together, shared meals, planned out worship services, and formed strong friendships and lasting working relationships with the indigenous pastors in Western Kenya, near Lake Victoria.

The Christian Church in Africa is experiencing unprecedented growth. We have united with Kenya Praise Centers, Holy Faith Ministry, and Talent Sharing Praise Center in reaching dozens of rural communities, planting churches, ordaining and mentoring pastors, and shaping followers into disciples and leaders. We invite all Christians to join with us, supporting in prayer the work of these faithful men and women of God in this essential service, as they obediently build His kingdom in East Africa.

We desire to support these local ministries as they spread the gospel, educate children, and care for widows and orphans. We are also planning a return trip to minister to these churches, schools, orphanages and pastors in Kisii and the surrounding areas. Donations are not tax-deductable at this time, but 100% of any donations will be applied as designated, whether for a specific school, or all schools, orphanages, local churches, medical/hospital fees, or to supply the travel costs of our next mission trip.

We have an opportunity to specifically help with hospital bills for critical needs in a few specific cases. We are also willing to pass along contributions for these essential needs to assist our brother and sisters in Christ who are struggling to meet these severe financial burdens.

A few of the worshipers from the Nyachenge Praise Centre pose with me outside in the school yard.


Pictures from our November 2004 safari

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